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Thread: foxtailing?

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    oooops! or yeeha! ???

    buds have grew more pistels and "foxtails" ive been waiting for the pistels to die back before checking trics and noticed tonight wee extra buds growing, they look wrong on ma nice pert buds lol but its extra weed lol. ive looked it up and found the term "foxtailing"

    also looks like some new pistels have grown, i canny get pics just now as ive company, ill take them out the marra for a last photo shoot and post back here.

    ive family staying over from next weekend too so having trouble thinking about finishing, going dark and chopping, was planning an ice flush too!

    anyone any experience here?

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    ive had a few strains that foxtail 11 its ok i think strain dependent business as usual..gluck.

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